David Ameche at Orient Bay, Ontario. Photo by Phil Francis.


Ameche Designs was founded by David Ameche, after quitting an engineering job. My education is in Aerospace Engineering and multidisciplinary design, and my professional background has ranged over my career. I have worked in 3d design, metallurgy, defense (electronics, unmanned vehicles, optoelectronics, fire control, munitions, and small arms ammunition manufacturing), and automotive (body, autonomous vehicles, interior, chassis, closures, heavy trucks, exterior, EV powertrain, production tooling design), over many products and vehicle platforms for the government, major companies, and startups.

I spend a lot of my time either in a shop building things, or outdoors, busy with many sports. Often, have I found the cost of equipment to be a barrier to entry into outdoor sports and made my own gear for personal use. I was frequently asked where I got something I had made, so given my professional background I decided to put functional equipment that I would use, while still being affordable to beginners, into production locally. My design approach is intended to balance ergonomics with strength, while retaining simple manufacturability.

Many of my colleagues are outdoor industry professionals, athletes, or work in manufacturing, and have provided years of feedback and testing on numerous prototypes. This company was initially an effort to bring personal prototypes and conceptual designs to production for a broader audience. Leveraging my location near Detroit, I partner with world-class fabrication companies to make safe, affordable equipment here in Michigan.

Ameche Designs then began to implement this design science based product development methodology as a service for clients in the outdoor equipment, industrial, scientific, consumer product, and electronic spaces.

We are a participant in Automation Alley's Project DIAMOnD, contributing to the country's largest 3D printing marketplace and network.

Ameche Designs LLC is registered with the US Small Business Administration.